Mission Statement

Young Care offers high-quality early care and education for young children implementing research based, state recommended, child-centered pre-kindergarten curriculum and birth through three years of age resources.

We develop partnerships with families of young children to understand and embrace their uniqueness and promote growth in all developmental domains.

Our program promotes the professional development of staff to gain a greater knowledge of the early childhood field.  We encourage their participation as advocates for issues that impact early childhood and the greater community.


Children’s play is where they do most of their learning and this is best achieved in a fun, safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment.  Young Care believes in the individuality of each child and strives to meet each infant, toddler, and preschooler where they are and create inviting and engaging learning experiences for the whole child based on assessments and reflection.   

Young Care values diverse family styles and recognize the strengths of each family. We understand the importance of family involvement in the development of the child.  We strive to build trust based relationships with each family, creating a partnership that focuses on the child’s well-being. 

We believe our staff of early childhood professionals should be committed lifetime learners and we support their professional development.  Our program relies on their valuable knowledge to maintain this program’s high-quality standards.


Current and Upcoming Openings

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